• Where do I pick up my ticket? When can I pick up my tickets?

    • BTMF ticketholders can exchange their tickets for wristbands at the Sheldon Theatre starting on Wednesday, Feb 20. Their hours are Wednesday: 1PM-6PM, Thursday: 12:30-5PM, Friday:12:30-10PM, Saturday: 12:30-10PM. Be sure to have your ID readily available. Again, tickets must be exchanged for a wristband exclusively at the Sheldon Theatre.

    • Note: Tickets may only be picked up by the original buyer with valid photo ID.

    • Wristbands are non-transferrable and non-refundable. One wristband per person. Each individual accessing the event must have their wristband on the their wrist at all times.

  • Does my wristband let me see all the artists performing?

    • Yes! Your wristband is your ticket to enter the festival, each venue and all artist performances. Note there are venue capacities that are required for each venue. Arrive early if there’s a band you reallllly want to see!

  • I accidentally tightened my wristband before putting it on or it’s damaged. What do I do?

    • Not to worry! If your wristband has been tightened or is damaged, please contact the Sheldon. At the festival, you can stop by the Sheldon if you need help with a wristband issue.

  • Can I buy or pick up tickets at each individual venue?

    • No. Tickets are available exclusively at the Sheldon’s box office located on the corner of Third Street and East Avenue - 443 W 3rd St, Red Wing, MN 55066.  Be sure to exchange tickets bought in advance for your wristband.

  • Can I change my ticket from a one day to a two day?

    • Yes. Contact the Sheldon Theatre and they’ll be able to provide guidance on changing your ticket for a slight fee. We look forward to seeing you two nights.

  • What happens if I lose my wristband?

    • You must purchase another one.

  • What is included with my VIP purchase?

    • Included in your VIP ticket is exclusive access to the Hub and artist relations, along with exclusive access to the third floor VIP area at the Sheldon Theatre.

  • What if a venue is full?

    • With 21 venues ranging in size from 30 capacity to 500, it’s bound to happen. But no fear! There are plenty of venues and space for nearly 3,000 people - meaning plenty of venues will have capacity. Keep an eye on the Big Turn Twitter account for real-time updates on venue capacities.

  • What if there’s inclement weather: 

    • We're Minnesotans - we can handle the weather, but be safe BTMF will happen rain or shine or snow or blizzard. We did take this into account when planning a winter festival in Minnesota. There is a weather storm moving through the area but we don't want to cancel or change plans quite yet. However, your safety and experience is our top priority and should be yours too, as we potentially face bad weather. 

      Right now, the weather isn't too bad so as of now, the show will go on as follows for both Friday and Saturday. However, we are watching the weather and working with local forecasters to determine if there should be concern when traveling. Drive safe, consider booking a hotel if you're traveling from a far and be prepared with your parka. 

      Updates will be shared via our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) and your email if we feel it's too unsafe to travel. We will communicate as soon as we are able to make any difficult decisions. As a reminder wristbands are non-transferrable and non-refundable.


  • Where can I get a Log Book?

    • Log books are available at the Sheldon (while in supply). Also a digital version is available here for you to download and print wherever / whenever.

  • Is there a map of the festival?

  • Will you have merchandise for sale?

    • This year, we’re doing a limited edition Big Turn beanie available at the Sheldon. Artist merch will also be available at each venue.

  • Where is the lost and found?

    • Check with venues first. Big ticket items, like electronics, wallets, etc, will be brought to Hub after hours.


  • Where can I get food?

    • Various venues will be serving food. There are also a handful of restaurants in downtown Red Wing that’ll be serving food.

  • 21+ - where are the drinks?

    • First off, keep your ID handy at all times. You will need it to purchase alcohol or to enter bar areas. Big Turn has a zero tolerance on underage drinking.

      • Sheldon Theater

      • Mandy’s

      • Staghead

      • Elks

      • St. James

      • Barrel House

      • Liberty’s

      • Red’s Savoy

      • American Legion

      • Red Wing Depot

  • What’s the Hub, where is it and when is it open?

    • The Hub is where the magic happens. Festival organizers, volunteers and artists are working and relaxing, and questions can be answered at the Hub. It’s located above Walgreens at the corner of Bush Street and Third Street: 308 Bush Street. We are on second floor - enter side door on Bush Street. There will be signs! Hours are 2PM - 7PM Friday and 2PM - 7PM Saturday.

  • Where are the bathrooms?

    • Some venues will have bathrooms otherwise there will be three porta potties located throughout downtown behind RW Bicycle Co., courtyard of Mandy’s Coffee House, and on the corner of 3rd and Bush.


  • Where is Big Turn?

    • Big Turn is located at 21 venues throughout downtown Red Wing. Most venues are within a 3-block radius.

  • I’m driving to Big Turn. Where can I park?

    • Red Wing is a parking friendly city. There is tons of street parking, a few ramps throughout the downtown. As always - be safe and don’t drink and drive!

  • What hotels can I stay at?

    • We’ve partnered with select hotels near the festival so you can enjoy a warm bed and a hot shower. Reserve your hotel room now before they’re gone. View our entire list of accommodations here.

  • How do I get back to my hotel safely?

    • Please drink and travel responsibly. Many of the venues are within walking distance so you shouldn’t need to drive between them. Lyfts, taxis and other means of transportation will be available to take you home safely.



  • What can’t I bring?

    • Please view the list below to see what you can and cannot bring in specific to different areas of the festival.

    • Prohibited items:

      • NO Glass

      • NO Weapons

      • NO Drones

      • NO Illegal Substances

      • NO Outside Alcohol

      • NO Professional cameras (with detachable lenses longer than 2” long)

      • NO Pets (even really, really tiny ones)



  • Safety & Medical

    • We make every effort to create a safe and secure environment at Big Turn. If you need any assistance, find the Venue Captain at the nearest venue.


  • How do I become a partner or sponsor?

    • If your company would like to be a festival sponsor, please email us ( with as much info as possible on your company, as well as your contact info, and we will be in touch soon.

  • How can I get involved? Can I volunteer?

    • Fill out the volunteer form HERE.

  • How can my band play BTMF next year?

    • Be on the lookout at BTMF website for artist submissions, we will open them later in 2019.